Why I like Amazon Wardrobe

My husband and I are fans of Amazon. Our schedules are so busy that we rarely have time to go to the store, so most of the time when we need something we order it online at Amazon.com and it arrives within two days. We have Amazon’s Prime membership and have also subscribed to their Subscribe and Save program.  So on a monthly basis, we get several boxes from Amazon with all the necessities for our house that we would normally purchase at the big-box stores like Costco or BJ’s (toilet paper, paper towels, lotions, soaps, detergents, etc.). It’s easy, convenient and the service is the best. Who else is an Amazon fan?

I was beyond excited when Amazon announced Amazon Wardrobe.  What is Amazon Wardrobe, you ask?

Amazon Wardrobe is their new clothes shopping service that allows you to try before you buy. You do not have to pay any cost upfront and you are not charged if you return the clothes you do not like within 7 days after receipt. It’s similar to all those other styling services except you have the option to select your items. I find the prices to be reasonable; you can also filter the items based on your budget.

Here are the items I selected in my first order:



I decided to keep the floral duster only (because florals are in this fall). Here are a few pics of me wearing the duster on my quest with our girls to find the beautiful fall foliage in Maryland.





Moms if you are not already doing this, please check it out.  I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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