What Everyone Ought To Know About LIVING IN BALTIMORE



Hi guys,

I wanted to write a post about living in Baltimore since Baltimore has received such a bad representation in the media. My husband and I and our two girls relocated to Baltimore last July because of a fantastic work opportunity my husband received.  I honestly didn’t know what to think at first about moving to Baltimore given all the bad media. However, I knew my husband was excited about this opportunity so I really wanted to support him. I am also one who is pro-change and like experiencing new things, so the move was really not hard for me.  Despite the concerns from our family regarding the move to Baltimore we sold our home in New Jersey and moved to Charm City. After all, my husband’s soon-to-be co-workers reassured him that Baltimore was not as bad as what’s been reported in the media. After one year of living in Baltimore, we have found the same to be true.

We have a found Baltimore to be very family-friendly and absolutely beautiful.  There is always something to do on the weekends with our girls. From the nature center, art museum, The Maryland Science Center (my favorite), and Aquarium, to the Baltimore Zoo, the different libraries, the many hiking trails and the endless summer festivals. It is also easily commutable to my other favorite city, DC, where there are also tons of family activities which are mostly free.  The city is also safer than you think. Yes, there are areas in the city where the crime rate is really high.  However, there are many neighborhoods that are beautiful and low in the crime rate.  Neighborhoods such as Roland Park is where some of the wealthiest people in the US live.

Another thing I love about Baltimore is the diversity of people that live here, and the food is simply divine. The culinary scene in Baltimore is simply amazing; there are so many restaurants serving food from different cultures. Being that I am currently a foodie, I appreciate these venues over the average restaurant franchises. Finally, if you appreciate art and its aesthetics, B’more is a must-visit. I really enjoy seeing all the artwork of Baltimore’s talented artists all over the city, and there is a cool art festival every summer downtown.




So guys, don’t count out a Baltimore yet. You will be surprised what you find when you visit.









4 thoughts on “What Everyone Ought To Know About LIVING IN BALTIMORE

  1. When I think of Baltimore I think of that hit crime drama ‘The Wire’ and the film director ‘John Waters’. These two things couldn’t be anymore different from one another but just like Baltimore they express just how different and diverse the city can be. ‘The Wire’ has probably given people the wrong idea about the city. The gangsters, drugs and crimes featured in each episode are enough to make anyone avoid visiting but when you think of the arts scene and ‘John Waters’ you remember there is a whole lot more wonderful, creative stuff going on it would be a shame to not share that side with everyone. Great post, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mark. I couldn’t agree more, let’s hope Baltimore continues to break the steroetype set by “The Wire”

  2. My fiance and I work abroad. We are in the midst finding a place to buy a house where we air bnb it for the majority of the year. Do you think Baltimore gets a lot of tourism throughout the year? You sold me on hiking trails and city life like art. We are both anti-suburbs since we both grew up in that environment. We could either go really country or full blown city. But I like the mix of nature with trails (for running).

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comment and great question. According to reports Baltimore tourism is growing. – http://baltimore.org/sites/def… You will definitely find a great mix of nature with trails here. All the best with your home search and please do share with me if you decide to buy a home in Baltimore. 

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