Seven Must Haves for Spring 2017

Hi all,

Spring is my absolute favorite season and I am so thankful Spring is finally here.  Who else is enjoying Spring?  Here are my seven Spring casual must haves.  I have personally selected all the pieces from my favortie stores: J.Crew, Gap, H&M and Mango.  All the pieces are affordable, available online, and can be paired together.


A Chic Trench Coat is a must-have. Find one that stands out!



Ruffles are currently trending- a ruffle dress or shirt is a must-have


Stipes are back and trending – off-the-shoulder shirt is a must. Pair with your high-waisted jeans.



Maxi dress – pair with a chic dress or jeans for a different look


Statement Necklace



A bag that stands out


High-Waist Jeans



2 thoughts on “Seven Must Haves for Spring 2017

  1. I like how you have focused on affordable pieces that you can mix and match.
    This site is great for people who may not be sure how to put outfits together and also for those who just want to buy a few statement fashion pieces each season.
    Thanks for this.

    1. Thanks so much Rosie for your comment. Yes, my goal is to definitely keep the pieces chic but affordable. Please stay tuned for more affordable pieces that you can mix and match.

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