Easy Ways to Get Designer Clothes for Cheap!

Designer clothes are fun, with amazing cuts and fabrics, but they are expensive. Just flipping through the pages of Vogue won’t get you anywhere unless you are not on a budget. We all love to shop for summer, fall and winter clothing, but getting designer clothes all the time seems impossible.

Now, no more staring through the window at a designer store or feeling envy after checking out the glossy magazine pages. Here are a few ways to help you splurge money on designer clothes without going broke.

Shop at the end of the season

Shopping for the latest fashion trends sounds really exciting. Who doesn’t love having the latest designer clothes in their closet? But shopping for what’s not the most happening clothes can get you a better deal. Buy a spring dress in the fall to get it for less than the original price. It may sound awkward to shop for a dress in September, but you will get the same designer quality product and you can save tons of money.

Stores have sales at the end of every season so you can enjoy huge discounts on designer brands. Also, look out for sales on Labor Day, 4th of July or Black Friday for best offers.

Buy Second Hand Clothes

So what if the dress you love is from last year? Wouldn’t you love to buy fashionable designer clothing if it’s still in style? There are secondhand clothing stores that promise designer clothes for less! You will find endless clothing racks from last year’s collection with amazing discounts. If you want improved and quality designer stuff, then consignment stores are the best.

Thrift stores have stuff that is pretty much worn out and you can’t always score a great outfit. You can find the best quality clothes for half the original price at second-hand stores. They do not sell donated stuff like thrift stores. These shops are dedicated to designer clothes so you have a fair chance to find the best piece on the rack.

Swap with friends

Friends are even better than crazy discounts and sales that we all run after. When you are too bored of wearing a designer dress, switch it with a friend. You can also turn it into a regular thing. Swap a designer top for another branded top or a dress for another dress. You will walk away happily with a new designer piece without having to spend a dollar.

Set some ground rules to swap a particular number of clothes to participate and make sure you both share quality clothes. Happy swapping!

Utilize sites that allow you to borrow designer clothes

Are you looking to dress up for a special occasion? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for just a few hours. Play smart and make the best use of websites that let you borrow high-end branded clothes.

You can feel like a queen in a million-dollar designer dress without paying a hefty price. The website will deliver the dress at an affordable price which includes the shipping price too. So, it’s all on a budget. All you have to do is book the dress you like, pay the rent and it will be delivered to you. No need to dry clean it afterwards. The store will take care of it. It’s that simple!

Buy during Flash Sales

Flash sales are the best to shop for your favorite designer brands. These websites have sales and discounts all the time, but you can set alerts for your favorite brand. This way you will not be tempted to shop every day.

These website retailers save huge money on shipping and packaging so, the discounts are passed on to the buyer. Clothing items on flash sales sell out quickly so make sure you have enough cash to buy as soon as possible.

Buy at Outlets

Shopping at outlets can help you save tons of money! They usually have a mix of designer items that didn’t sell last year or last season. It’s like shopping at the end of the season for your favorite designer brand. While buying from outlets is a great way to get designer clothes for less, you will find items with bad fitting or ugly colors. The clothes at outlets are not really high quality so it’s the sale price that you pay is the actual price of the dress. Shop wisely!

Buy on eBay – be sure it’s authentic

If you are an online shopping queen, then eBay is the best place to get designer clothes. If the piece that you are looking for is a season old, you will definitely find it on eBay.

Be careful when you shop on eBay because you can’t try anything on and often sellers put knockoff goods online. Ask sellers questions about the items on sale and check out buyer reviews as well.




8 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Get Designer Clothes for Cheap!

  1. Some really great tips here! I only recently (couple years ago) got “into” designer stuff but the price always blows me away. I’ve now gotten to a point where I cannot justify spending that much on a piece of clothing and so I haven’t bought anything for a while. I actually never knew that some sites allow you to borrow clothes?! That’s a good idea! I am majorly obsessed with handbags so if only there was a service that could offer to borrow those… Although not sure if I could bring myself to give them back! Haha. Great post and thanks for sharing!

    1. Andrea thanks so much for your comment. I completely understand and I can relate to not be able to justify spending on designer clothes. Which is why I started shopping different options to purchase them for less. There are actually plenty of sites that allow you to borrow designer handbags. You might want to check out bagborroworsteal.com. I have a friend who gets most of her designer handbags from this site. I believe there is also an option to purchase a bag that was borrowed. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. I often buy designer bits and pieces (mainly jeans as they fit so well) and often use outlets. I usually stick to either the out of season stuff or factory seconds. Though these have usually failed a quality check so can’t go in the designer main store the quality check was usually cosmetic rather than actual quality so sometimes there might be a small mark or some loose stitching. I just check these items carefully and work out if they can be fixed (I have a seamstress friend who has fixed some of my vintage finds – especially fixing a zip on a 1950s gorgeous prom dress which was perfect everywhere else) for under the price of a new item.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Evie. It’s great that you have a seamstress friend who can easily fix your vintage finds. I have a hard time finding a seamstress that I can trust with my quality finds. The job is just never done right. Still looking for one to this day.

  3. I like the idea of buying from a second hand store. I did not know that these stores were different from a thift shop, so now that I do, I should get searching for some in my city! I think buying clothes at the end of the season is a great tip. You could get great deals and all you have to do is just wait a few months until you can wear your new stuff!

    1. Thanks for your comment Summerly. I am so happy you learned something new from blog. Yes, it’s important that you shop at consignment stores when shopping for quality clothes. These stores not only offer quality second hand clothes but often new clothes that are out of season. For instance, last week I went to the children consignment store in my area and found 3 new quality dresses(they even had the tag on them) for my daughter. I paid only $3 for each dress all because summer is ending. I am sure you will find something in your city. Have fun searching and let me know the outcome.

  4. I never knew that there were shops and sites where you could borrow designer clothes! I presume you have to return it cleaned, although I think I would be pretty scared that I would get a stain on one that doesn’t come out!

    Are you able to post some links to such websites, specifically top quality designer suits. Also is there a site where you can borrow/rent a really top level watch?

    1. Brian,

      Thanks for your comment. Yeah, you will be amazed how many online stores you could borrow designer clothes from. You are right the key is to keep it clean and I am pretty sure you have to return it cleaned. I have personally never bought/borrowed designer suits on these sites so I don’t have any site recommendation. Let see if I could do some research and get back to you, if not, goggle for these products and pick the site with the best reviews. Also, you can visit a designer consignment (not thrift) store local to you. I am sure you will find a bargain there.

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