Shaley Chic Finds help moms around the world find the perfect chic, fashion-forward items for less.

Kay is the owner, founder, and voice behind Shaley Chic Finds. She is also a wife and mother of two beautiful girls, Shoahannah and Haley. It is her passion for fashion that brought Shaley Chic Finds to life. Her love for fashion, and for her family, has inspired her to find attractive clothing and accessories that are affordable.

Kay’s primary focus is to help other mothers easily identify how to be fashionable without breaking the bank. She firmly believes everyone can do it, and her goal through this blog is to help them do precisely that. In her own life, she has set a standard to always look “fashionable” when she leaves her house, and she takes that philosophy with her wherever she goes.

If you love fashion, but also like to keep money in your pocket, then follow Shaley Chic Finds. Kay will share her secrets for finding looks for every season along with so much more. Learn how to tell the world who you really are without ever speaking a word, when you follow Shaley Chic Finds.


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